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I go to the earth to find myself and I look to the sky to lose myself. This is the balance I seek, as an artist and as a human; to be both grounded and insubstantial. The forces of the natural world inspire me, terrestrial and celestial. I create my own visual language to interpret geological and astronomical events in order to convey the beauty and power that constantly surrounds us.
The shifting of tectonic plates, the reshaping of land through the erosion of wind and water, the interaction and evolution of celestial objects and events, even the invisible waves of energy powering and influencing everything in the universe; these are what I capture in my art. I am in awe of the discoveries being made in our galaxy and beyond. Each image of a distant planet, nebula or solar system is a revelation, asking as many new questions as they answer. It is this mystery and my desire to discover new worlds and share them with the viewer, which inspires and compels me to continue making art.

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